How do I place an order?

Paws & Paint takes orders for paintings/prints for sale and custom painting of your dog.  You can simply fill up the contact form.
How to order paintings/prints that are for sale
  1. Fill out the Contact Form and send it to Paws & Paint.
  2. We will email you an invoice through PayPal with the sales price of the item, the shipping cost, and sales tax if you are a Colorado resident.
  3. Make a payment  through PayPal.
  4. Upon receipt and verification of your payment, we will send you the item by the shipping method we specify or agree.
Return Policy*:
Paws & Paint is committed to deliver excellent art products, but if you are not satisfied for any reason, we will refund you for the item returned within 30 days of your payment. Please fill the “contact us” form and let us know in advance that you are planning to return the item.  We will send you a shipping instruction by email.
*Sorry, this return policy is not applicable to the custom-painting order.
How to order a custom painting of your dog                                      
  1. Please fill out the order form. Paws & Paint will contact you by email or phone to discuss creative aspects of the project.
  2. Choose several suitable photo of yours for the artist to work from.  Here’s a tip for photographing your dog.
    Send 4 or 5 digital pictures of your pet of greater than 300 pixels (500 – 1000 pixels are the best) via email.
  3. Due to the nature of custom work, we need to confirm project details  with you – Paws & Paint will email you a contract agreement including price information. Please read the document carefully and please confirm by email that you agree with the contract.
  4. Please make the non-refundable initial payment, which is ½ of the basic portrait pricing specified in the price information, as a good faith deposit. We accept payment by credit card payment through PayPal only. Paws & Paint will email you a layout so that you can see the angle and posture of your dog.
  5. Next, we will send you a rough sketch of the image based on the layout.  Please email us your approval if the image is acceptable.  At the point of your approval, I will start working with your project and your good faith deposit will become nonrefundable.
  6. Once the image is complete, Paws & Paint will email you a digital photo of your portrait for your final approval. I will work with the image until you’re completely satisfied, so it is very important that you specify all details you want me to work on.  
  7. Upon your approval, you will be responsible of the remaining ½ of the basic portrait fee, shipping fee, and additional costs, if any. Again payment method is via Paypal only, and we are sending you the final invoice by email.
  8. Once your final payment is received and verified, your painting will be insured and shipped.  Paws & Paint currently utilizes USPS delivery.  If you prefer another shipping method, please let us know.  Additional fees may be required.  Sale is final after shipment.
Because of the nature of custom work, actual delivery time may vary, and turnaround time can be shorter or longer than listed above depending on the amount of orders received and the nature of your project.