Strange things Tonka did


If you have a dog, do you have a few strange things your dog did that made you smile or laugh?  One of our dogs, Tonka, was quite a character when he was a puppy.  Let’s see… he ate walls, he stole a bag of dozen apples and dragged the bag outside through a doggy door.  He tried to have a feast but had to give up after eating 10 and a half apples, etc.
Although, I think the strangest thing he did was sneaking into the kitchen, where he found a 4 lb. bag of raw rice on the kitchen counter, and eating about half of it while we were away.  It was the day he hopped in Mommy’s car, going for a long ride to pick up Daddy at airport.  While we were heading home, he started having a tummy trouble!  He tried to get rid of rice stuck in his stomach in every possible way, and it was a very long, rough car ride for all of us.
Now it’s almost forgotten, and he has mellowed down a lot. He even earned to be a model for “Cool One”, but we still vividly remember those incidents, and he still has a strong love (or addiction, whatever we call it) for food. Oh, Tonka is Tonka that we know..and we love him dearly. So what’s your dog’s funny story?

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